What Types of Acoustic Underlay are Available?

Acoustic coating for tiles is an important consideration when it comes to soundproofing. On the other hand, rubber, foam or rubber-cork underlayment is usually the best option for acoustic insulation. In general, the expected Delta IIC value is 21 for an elastic material such as foam, fiber or cork. To address low-frequency sounds, such as the sounds of bass music, a damping compound like Green Glue can be used.

This soundproofed base is very standard and should be applied between two rigid layers (such as 2 OSB plates). Each time the two layers are excited by sound, the wave will be absorbed by the Green Glue and converted to heat. Roberts Super Felt Premium has excellent sound-absorbing properties and a Delta IIC of 2.It is also a cost-effective option for paving projects. Natural cork is another great choice for dampening impact sounds, with a Delta IIC of 22. The FloorMuffler UltraSeal is an uncompromising soundproofed underfloor that offers superior sound absorption properties.

It has a Delta IIC of 25 and includes a vapor barrier. This product is thinner than its competitors but still provides excellent soundproofing. When it comes to floor finishes, you will not be restricted if you invest in an acoustic base or soundproof floor mats. All types of floor finishes can be used with these products, although some may require the placement of a plywood base before placing the soundproof floor mats or base.

Tiles can be fragile and should not be placed on soft, padded bases (such as acoustic layers). Acoustic mineral wool can reduce noise by 10 to 15% before placing the soundproofing base. Carpets need a product that is soft but does not touch the ground, like many of the acoustic base layers on the market. The MuTeMat 3 is an affordable acoustic floor base made of recycled rubber that can be easily installed with DA-5 adhesive to reduce noise due to vibration between floor and ceiling assemblies.

It helps reduce both impact and airborne sound and allows for compliance with construction standards of Part E without needing any other material. The best acoustic base combination for maximum performance while keeping build-up as thin as possible is MuTeMat 3 combined with other MuTeMat products. This combination allows for much better results with the thinnest soundproofing products.

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