Can I Install Acoustic Underlay Myself or Do I Need a Professional Installer?

Are you a DIY enthusiast looking to soundproof your house floor? If so, you're in luck! Most subfloor layers are now designed with easy installation in mind, so it's totally possible to soundproof your house floor yourself. At Acuphon, we offer soundproofing solutions and materials that only require low or moderate DIY skills. Our gold EPE foam base is 3 mm thick, providing slightly higher acoustic protection than the general silver option. However, there may be exceptions. It is possible to glue the lower layer to the subfloor before gluing the nose, tread and riser of the ladder onto the lower layer.

For example, FloorVenue has Marvel SPC Hybrid flooring, which has a 6-star acoustic layer pre-installed. Marvel hybrid floors can be installed practically anywhere, as they have the highest acoustic certification without needing an additional lower layer. So, if you're looking to soundproof your house floor yourself, you can do it! Just make sure to get the right products for your particular needs. With Acuphon's soundproofing solutions and materials, you can easily install acoustic underlay yourself without needing a professional installer.

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