What is the Best Acoustic Underlay for My Needs?

The MuTeMat 3 with a high-mass vinyl layer (Tecsound) is the ideal soundproofing base for carpets and can reduce both airborne and impact noise. Our product team has specifically designed an acoustic layer that is perfect for vinyl flooring, as it is thinner and less dense, allowing it to recover the “bounce” that other materials would cause when using vinyl. By using acoustic mineral wool, you can get an additional 10 to 15% reduction in noise before placing the soundproofing base. The MuTeMat 3 is the best acoustic base on its own, as it helps reduce both impact and airborne sound.

Knowing the different materials used to manufacture acoustic bases for floors will allow you to select a product that meets your floor type, performance requirements, budget, and ecological credentials. The soundproofing properties of the lower layers for carpets are not tested in the same way as soundproofing mats and bases. The MuteMat 3 is the best acoustic base that allows it to comply with Part E construction standards without needing any other material. You may not be aware of the many sound-insulated floor covering products available.

Because of how small and fragile tiles can be, they should not be placed on soft, padded bases (such as acoustic base layers), as this increases the chance of them cracking and breaking. Beware of companies that sell carpet layers with soundproofing qualities citing a figure in dB, as this only shows how much airborne noise is blocked on a concrete floor, of which the base of the carpet accounts for only 5%. Specialized manufacturers offer acoustically insulated floor layer options that represent a major step forward compared to standard products. This combination of acoustic base layers allows you to achieve much better results with thinner soundproofing products.

You may be wondering if you should invest in an acoustic base or soundproof floor mats, as this will limit the final floor finish you can use. The type of floor you want to specify or install on the acoustic-based mat will influence your choice. There are far fewer manufacturers of recycled rubber acoustic layers, making it much easier to find good quality products. The science behind acoustic subfloor layers can be complicated, but the main factors for reducing sound come down to three components.

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