The Benefits of Installing an Acoustic Underlay

When it comes to installing a floor, the base can make a big difference, especially if it's installed under solid wood floors. An acoustic underlay provides a softer surface and reduces impact when walking, making it a great long-term investment. It also supports the floor and extends its lifespan. The “best base” for your floating floor depends on your specific situation, but usually, the strata will have a specific requirement for thickness or classification by acoustic stars that must be met as a minimum standard. The main purpose of an acoustic floor base is to reduce the amount of impact noise that propagates through the floor due to falling objects, footsteps and the movement of furniture.

This makes it an essential component in soundproofing and transforming your home into a haven of peace and tranquility. Marvel hybrid floors can be installed practically anywhere, as they have the highest acoustic certification without the need for an additional base. In some cases, it is almost always necessary to use an acoustic floor layer to comply with certain standards. FloorVenue has Marvel SPC Hybrid floors that come pre-installed with a 6-star acoustic layer. Installing acoustic subfloor layers is very simple and you won't need an army of contractors to get the job done. If your floor is likely to encounter any type of moisture, it is important that the acoustic base is able to withstand that humidity and resist the growth of mold or mildew.

The gold EPE foam base is 3 mm thick, offering slightly higher acoustic protection than the general silver option. The underlying acoustic layers are comprised of several materials, such as rubber, cork and foam, each designed to provide a different level of soundproofing performance. Whether you're looking for the timeless elegance of hardwood, the ease of maintenance of the laminate, or the cozy warmth of the carpet, there's an acoustic base that's perfectly suited to complement the floor finish you choose. However, in other places there are no requirements or local legislation, so it's good to have an acoustic base for floors.

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