Can You Use Underlay as Soundproofing?

This is achieved through the use of high-mass materials that are effective in reflecting sound. Therefore, reflected sound cannot travel through the material to the next room. You may be wondering if you invest in an acoustic base or soundproof floor mats, since then you will have restrictions on the final floor finish you can use. The short answer is “no”, you will have no restrictions.

The soundproofed base layers can be equipped with all types of floor finishes. The only caveat is that some finishes require placing a plywood base before placing the soundproof floor mats or base. Below, we indicate which floor finishes this applies to. The best base for vinyl floors is an acoustic felt, such as the one specifically designed by our product team.

This type of material is perfect for vinyl, as it's thinner and less dense, so it relives much of the “bounce” you'd experience with other materials when using vinyl. The soundproofing base does more than create a barrier against unwanted noise. Your rug will last longer when you have that extra cushion between it and the floor. The carpet base is another great way to combat unwanted noise, and it's much cheaper than having your home professionally soundproofed.

If you're wondering “does the acoustic base really work?” the answer is yes, it still works, but not that well. It makes sense to buy the best soundproofing base you can afford. Our most popular soundproof base is the 12 mm Noisestop acoustic base. It effectively minimizes both impact and airborne noise, thanks to its two-layer design that provides the necessary weight to reduce airborne sounds and to the closed-cell foam to absorb airborne sounds impacts.

This base complies with part E of the building regulations and effectively reduces noise levels in homes. It's ideal for reducing the average levels of unwanted sound from a neighboring property, such as footsteps, television noise and conversations. The Noisestop acoustic base is compatible with most types of floors, including engineered wood, laminate, tile and LVT. The science behind acoustic subsoil layers can be complicated, but the main factors that contribute to reducing sound are reduced to three components.

The simple addition of an acoustic base is extremely effective in the sense that it can improve the look of your carpets, but also add value to your property. This combination of acoustic base layers allows you to achieve much better results with thinner soundproofing products. By using acoustic mineral wool, you will get an additional 10 to 15% advantage in reducing noise before placing the soundproofing base. The Noisestop acoustic base layer is an overlapping flooring solution that reduces airborne noise and impacts through floors made of wood and concrete.

According to the figures, the Noisestop acoustic base reduces aerial and impact sounds with a reduction of 48 dB for aerial sounds and 46 dB for impact sounds. Roberts Super Felt Premium has the acoustic absorption properties you would expect from an acoustic base layer (Delta IIC 2). Because floor tiles can be small and fragile, they should not be placed on soft, padded bases (such as acoustic layers), as this increases the chance of them cracking and breaking. By having several layers of different thicknesses and densities, it can smooth out this drop in performance to achieve the best soundproofing with its acoustic base.

Second, choose one of the following acoustic-based layers or soundproofing mats for wooden floors, depending on the level and type of noise. This, together with the MuTeMat range, provides the highest performing acoustical base combination and, at the same time, keeps the build-up as thin as possible. The best acoustic base on its own is the MuTeMat 3, which helps reduce both impact and airborne noise. If the surface on which you are going to carry out the installation is level and prepared correctly, you can choose a thin acoustic felt base to facilitate sound transmission.

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