Does Acoustic Underlay Improve Insulation Properties?

The INS Soundsense acoustic base has several advantages, as it offers sound reduction and thermal insulation. Our acoustic floor base can also provide great durability and resilience, and is suitable for any property that requires a high-performance base layer. The ReductoClip system for walls works both against airborne noise (when talking, television noise, etc.) and against impact noise (moving furniture, footsteps, etc.). One of the elements of the system is the use of acoustic mineral wool (as mentioned above) that acts as an insulator acoustic.

Acoustic mineral wool is added between wooden slats to absorb airborne sound in the cavities of wooden and metal partition walls. This material provides acoustic insulation by significantly improving acoustic performance and reducing reverberation. In the image below you can see that when something hits the floor in room 1, it passes through the floor to room 2 and, through beams and joists, also to rooms 3 and 4.Acoustic insulation would absorb that sound at the point of contact and reduce its spread or completely prevent the noise from spreading. The simple addition of an acoustic base is extremely effective in the sense that it can improve the look of your carpets, but also add value to your property. At Carpet Underlay Shop, we have a wide range of soundproof subfloor layers, including the Cloud 9 Cumulus Underlay base.

The Red Sponge rubber base from Tredaire Colours has a very high score of 46 dB, while the Deepstep polyurethane foam from Carpenter also has 46 dB. Both offer a great solution for reducing noise in the home. The white wool felt base is an excellent choice for those who seek maximum comfort and insulation. Made of 100% natural virgin animal wool, this lower layer provides thermal and acoustic insulation while protecting carpets and providing a hypoallergenic and ecological solution. The Recowool felt carpet base is a cost-effective option that focuses on insulation and comfort.

Made with 80% new wool, it provides superior thermal and acoustic insulation, extends the life of the carpet and contributes to environmental sustainability. The rubber base not only contributes to soundproofing, but can also be used to insulate floors and keep them warm during the coldest months. This is because rubber acts as an insulating layer, trapping heat inside the building. Not only does this keep residents comfortable, but it also helps reduce energy costs, as less energy is spent to keep the building warm. You can then place rubber strips called insulation strips on top of the beams before placing the floorboards and an acoustic layer on top.

You can then install a specialized acoustic gypsum board with additional acoustic material attached to it. Sound reduction systems now combine acoustic and environmental properties within their Acoustilay range, ensuring peace of mind in terms of acoustic performance and environmental impact, both for the specifier and the end user. The floor mat truly transforms the acoustic qualities of a laminate floor and also improves the internal acoustics of the room. The Cloud 9 Cumulus base is a polyurethane sponge rug base designed to be durable and prevent it from stretching too much. Acoustic mineral wool provides a high level of sound absorption and sound insulation in cavity partitions. The GenieMat RST is a revolutionary acoustic underlayment that offers high-level sound reduction for multi-family homes, skyscrapers and commercial structures.

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