Kempf Commercial and Residential Construction Clean-up Services

Kempf Construction Clean-Up is an environment friendly company based in Eugene, OR.  We offer free estimate for all our cleaning and hauling services.

Construction Site Clean Up and Hauling

We offer daily or weekly construction trash or debri pickup and clean-up including hauling and damping. We are the premier construction clean up company in Eugene serving the Willamette Valley areas. We remove all construction trash, debris, woods, metals, card boards, plastic, etc.

Recycling – Commercial and Residential

We don’t just haul and damp what we pick up from commercial or residential construction sites. We recycle 80% of debris, dry wood products, paper card boards, metals, tin cans and plastic.

Rental Clean-Up – Commercial and Residential

We can get your rental property ready for the next tenant. We clean windows and tracks, vacuum and shampoo the carpet, clean all the cabinets inside and out, we clean and sanitize the bathrooms, clean mirrors, sweep and map the hardwood or tile floors and dust the whole house. We make sure that you and your next tenant will be happy to  see a fresh and clean home.

Pressure Washing – Hot and Cold Water Clean-Up

Dirt built up cannot be cleaned with just normal cleaning. High pressure washing required to get the dirt out from your roof, wall, deck, driveway and walk way. We have the right equipment and experienced crews to solve your dirty problem just give as a call for an estimate.


Concrete Crack Repairs – Commercial and Residential

Wether it is a concrete ground, floor or wall we can repair it. A broken or crack cement ground, parking or driveway can cause hazard to you and your property. Repairing your concrete floor or wall is an investment that you should not wait until it is unrepairable. Call us today for an estimate.

New Siding Installation and Repair

There are times that a new siding installation is more economical than repairing it (although we do both) our experienced crew can provide quality siding installation and an estimate is always free. Give us a call today for a free inspection and estimate for either new or just a repair.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

We do have a team of professional, licensed and experience Kitchen and Bathroom remodelers. Wether you’re planning a remodel or a brand new kitchen or bathroom addition we can do it, just give us a call.


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